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Integrating ActivEdit with Blog CFC

How to use ActivEdit in Ray Camden's BlogCFC

Adding ActivEdit to existing ColdFusion Application is typically quite simple. In this KB article we show how to add ActivEdit into a ColdFusion Blogging application written by Ray Camden called BlogCFC.

First copy the inc directory, and activedit.cfm into the directory that you installed BlogCFC into. Also create an images directory in that folder.

Now open up editor.cfm and replace the line:

<textarea name="body" cols=50 rows=17>#htmlEditFormat(form.body)#</textarea>

With the following:

<cf_activedit name="body"

That's it, you now have the ability to edit your blog with a WYSIWYG HTML Editor, and upload images.

If you prefer you can download a copy of editor.cfm here:


This article was written against version 3 of BlogCFC (specifically version 352).

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