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Java and Safari issues after updating to Mac OS X v10.3.9
Java Applet problems on Safari, Apple provides a fix

Is ActivEdit compatible with CFMX 7.0?
Some things to check if you have problems loading ActivEdit on CFMX 7.0

ActivSpell causes an ASP 0177 Server.CreateObject Failed error
Possible causes and solutions for ASP 0177 error with ActivSpell

Integrating ActivEdit with Blog CFC
How to use ActivEdit in Ray Camden's BlogCFC

Mailto links damaged when pasting from Word
Mailto links can be changed when pasting from Word. This is a solution.

Hotfix available for url completion bug in IE
Press the spacebar or Enter to complete urls

Using ActivEdit with other .NET server controls and autopostback
Another server control that uses autopostback will not update content before a post

"CFX_tagname" not found in database
Extension classname is not read properly when pasted

The save custom button example
Add a save button to the toolbar that submits the form

CFX_Google on ColdFusion MX
Getting the CFX Google tag to work on ColdFusion MX

Demo displayed in applet
Content is not loaded into the applet and errors are displayed

Determining the class files loaded by ColdFusion MX
How to find a list of classes loaded by the JVM

Checking SMTP Server Authentication support
How to find out if your SMTP server supports basic SMTP auth login

ActivEdit and the Opera Browser
Running ActivEdit on the Opera Browser

Which character sets are supported by ActivEdit?
Many character sets can be used in ActivEdit...

ActivEdit and CSS
Applying stylesheets to ActivEdit

Setting the Applet License in ActivEdit
Shows how to set the applet license attribute in each language

ASP 0178
Permission denied

Using ActivSpell 1.0 with ActivEdit 4.0
Override the spellcheckwin function to use an earler version of ActivSpell

Strip font tags for Word content
A simple method to remove inline styles converted from font tags in Word content

Textarea's within ActivEdit
do textareas work inside activedit

Document footer in IIS
Document footer set in IIS is causing problems with script includes in ActivEdit or ActivSpell

Upgrading to ActivEdit 4 ASP on shared hosting
Some notes about upgrading a shared hosting environment with ActivEdit

System error 1060 has occurred building ActivEdit ASP
Error building ActivEdit ASP from source code

Unexpected call to method or property access
onLoad() callbacks may throw this error because....

ActivEdit fails to load under the CFMX DevNet developer version for .NET
A meta tag inserted by ColdFusion interupts JavaScript includes

Add Word cleaning to Ctrl+V in ActivEdit
Add Word cleaning to Ctrl+V in ActivEdit

Register an event in the ActivEdit API
Register an event in the ActivEdit API

ActivEdit PHP image button does not work
ActivEdit PHP image button does not work

ColdFusion can't decrypt templates
Strange characters appear at the output

Making an anchor in ActivEdit

java.lang.NullPointerException in ActivSpell
java.lang.NullPointerException error thrown when spell checking

Using the ActivEdit API to change behavior
Create custom libraries for specific applications

Troubleshooting the
What to do first.

Some characters display as ?
Common encoding problems when using extended character sets.

Working with dictionaries

Obtaining a license key for ActivEdit
Information about generating a license key for ActivEdit

References for Ordering
you need references before you can place an order

do you offer refunds

Payment Options
methods of payment

Pricing Option
I don't understand the various pricing plans

Unlimited Use Licenses
I'm interested in unlimited use licenses for your products

Purchasing additional licenses
Purchasing additional licenses

Unsure of ActivEdit Licensing?
not sure how many activedit licenses you need.

Pasting in ActivEdit
Pasting in ActivEdit

Can I Pay with American Express?
Do you take AMEX?

Trial Download for PHP or .NET
why can't I find a trial download for php or .NET

emailVerifier is slow
emailVerifier is slow

Does ActivEdit run on the Mac?
Does ActivEdit run on the Mac?

How do I generate a license key for ActivEdit?
How do I generate a license key for ActivEdit?

Norton, AOL and other proxy servers
Norton, AOL and other proxy servers

Disable form submit until all ActivEdit instances load
Disable form submit until all ActivEdit instances load

form.submit() Object doesn't support property or method
form.submit() Object doesn't support property or method

error com/allaire/cfx/CustomTag on CFMX 6.1 for J2EE
error com/allaire/cfx/CustomTag on CFMX 6.1 for J2EE

com.wintertree.ssce.FileFormatException: No magic
com.wintertree.ssce.FileFormatException: No magic

Why isn't Email Verifier catching this bad address?
False negative results in emailVerifier


Error 12032
Error 12032

Uninstall ActivEdit dlls
Uninstall ActivEdit dlls

Tables crashing IE
Tables crashing IE

Creating Advanced Personalized content with ActivMail
Create customized content for your newsletters

ActivMail Stats API
ActivMail Stats API code snippet

Using Double Byte Characters in ActivMail
Explains why you might see a ? in place of the character you expect

ActivEdit for ASP with virus scanner on server
Can cause problems with image uploading

Netscape 7.0 freezes
Netscape 7.0 freezes

Applet Caching
How to cache an applet to boost performance

ActivEdit, Special Characters and CFMX
Special characters don't display properly in ActivEdit on CFMX

Java CFX KB Articles
Macromedia KB Articles for getting Java CFX tags to work

Request object, ASP 0107 (0x80004005)
Request object, ASP 0107 (0x80004005)

Solaris and Java
Solaris may require that you use....

Incorrect key passed to editjs.cfm
Incorrect key passed to editjs.cfm

Incorrect key passed to editjs.cfm
Incorrect key passed to editjs.cfm

Code to Copy ActivMail 1.3 log file to a database
Reads the file and parses it into an SQL query

Insert image fails after upload
Insert image fails after upload

Available images are not displayed in the image dialog
The images in the image directory do not display in the right frame

Delayed display of content in ActivEdit
Default content from the database does not display immediately.

Most of toolbar not showing up
Only the help icon displays in the toolbar in ActivEdit PHP

Broken images in toolbar
Broken images appear in the ActivEdit toolbar

Classpath limit on ColdFusion MX
How to manually edit the classpath in ColdFusion MX

Object not supported
Possible registry corruption by other programs

ColdFusion MX bug caused problem in ActivMail
ActivMail versions and below could not send mail FROM error

Increase ActivMail Throughput by using Multiple Servers
Send mail faster

Increase Performance of Microsoft SMTP Server
Some tips to speed up your SMTP server for use with ActivMail

Insert image fails in Netscape
Insert image fails in ActivEdit 3.0 applet

java.lang.nullPointer Exception with multiple SMTP servers

ActivEdit in cfform
form validation with ActivEdit and cfform

A description of Document-Releative, Site-Relative and absolute paths.

ClassFactory cannot supply requested class
ClassFactory cannot supply reuested class error with ActivSpell

Bug fix for register_globals = off

Daylight Savings Time offset in ActivMail Date Header
displays improper date header

Problem Defining ERRORFILE attribute in ActivMail 1.3.0 on UNIX
ActivMail 1.3.0 on error may occurr on unix

Empty Message ID in ActivMail 1.3.0
Empty Message ID in header fixed in build 210

ActivMail Token Problem
An obscure problem in token processing

Setting Background Color of ActivEdit from a drop-down list
Sets the background color of the control

Dynamic image directories in ActivEdit ASP
Sets the ImageURL and ImagePath properties based on user ID

Set cursor to the beginning of content in ActivEdit
Sets the cursor position to the beginning of content in ActivEdit. The default is to place the cursor at the end of the content.

Applying a stylesheet to ActivEdit 2.5 or lower
You can apply a stylesheet to ActivEdit using the aeapi_local_onload() event listener

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: CFX_JSpellCheck. Java exception occurred in call to method.
Class path not set correctly

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/allaire/cfx/NativeQuery.
Incorrect CFX JAR Path

ActivEdit 2.5 "The file editjs.cfm did not load properly" error
The file editjs.cfm did not load properly

I'm prompted to insert the Office 2000 CD
Setting the Office 2k HTML Editing option to

Applying background color and text color to ActivEdit
The ActivEdit API makes it possoble to customize an instance of ActivEdit.

One user gets the "The file editjs.cfm did not load properly" error
Browser security settings

Spell Checking multiple fields
An example of spell checking multiple fields in a form

Remove xml namespace tag form Word content
Removes xml namespace tag from Word Content before placing the content into Activedit. The namespace tag causes formatting errors in Netscape.

No BackSlashes inside JSP tag attributes
BackSlashes will cause an exception to be thrown

ActivEdit JSP on Resin
Additional setup for EditjsServlet

Form Validation
Form Validation example

Posting Plain Text
How to extract plain text from Activedit

JSpellCheck Can't add words to dictionary
words do not get added to the dictionary

Intercept Event
Intercept Events inside the DHTML control

Very Large Documents wih Activedit
Suggestions on working with very large documents with Activedit

Running Java CFX Tags on ColdFusion 4.0.x
Suggestions for getting Java CFX tags to work with ColdFusion 4.0

Activedit Form Validation
How to submit and validate a form using Activedit with JavaScript

Incorrect Key

Cookies not enabled
Cookies error

Activedit 2.5 in Netscape
Requirements for using Activedit 2.5 with netscape, when it degrades to a textarea

Activedit 2.5 on ColdFusion 4.0.x
Incompatibilities between CFLOCK in 4.0 and 4.5 and up require different source code

Activedit 2.0 DHTMLSafe is undefined type="form"
A Java Script alert says DHTMLSafe is undefined

Activedit Unterminated String Constant
Error unterminated string constant

Activedit 1.x in Frames
Error when saving content.

AutoCopy: FILE_COPY_DIRECTORY not found
The custom tag was not found

Error in Activedit 1.x
Error resolving parameter ATTRIBUTES.PATH

Java Script Error In Activedit 1.x
Error: Could Not set the cols property

Activedit Save Button Does not work
Changes are not made when save button is pressed

Activedit Editor Window Not full size (1.1-)
The Editor window ignores inputed height and width attributes

Activedit and Frames Issues
Errors caused using Activedit 1.1 in frames

IE 4 error (ยง) In Levels
Inserts special character with IE 4 in levels application, causes cold fusion error

Java Script Error In Activedit
trouble shooting a Java Script error from Activedit

Occurrence of 
A square charachter appears in HTML generated by Activedit

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