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Is ActivEdit compatible with CFMX 7.0?

Some things to check if you have problems loading ActivEdit on CFMX 7.0

 ActivEdit is compatible with the CFMX 7.0 and the developer version of CFMX 7.0, which outputs a meta tag marking pages as being served by an unlicensed development version of CFMX, however this header causes a problem for loading JavaScript libraries, since it overwrites the page's content type.

We use cfcontent to set the content type of the page when the javascript library is loaded. cfcontent must be enabled on the server and if you also output headers in an application.cfm file, you should isolate ActviEdit from that by placing a blank application.cfm in the inc directory.

Server scope variables must also be enabled for cross-site scripting protection built into ActivEdit.

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